March 9, 2007


Samuel Pine - Seattle, Washington

I seem to recollect in reverse these days:

Come home around midnight ß Bid adieu, congrats, etc. to all   ß Help Derek clean up some of the mess ß   Chat with friends and Tracy's family, laugh, take pictures, play Ms. Pac-Man ß Socialize, eat too many Ding-Dongs & Seven-Layer Dip   ß   Welcome first guests ß Play Ms. Pac-Man while waiting for guests   ß   Prepare more foodstuffs, taste all of them   ß   Decorate with streamers, eat extra cheese, arrange cheese platter, clean Tracy's house   ß   Go to reception with parents and professors   ß Sit through Tracy's doctoral defense talk, chant "D-fence! D-fence!" in my head, try not to ask silly questions about stuff I don't know much about   ß   Ride shuttle to school, see Tsai-Yu, sit with him and chat about school   ß   Meet with Boss-lady in her other office, discuss my own dissertation research triage   ß   Take a short, pleasant walk between buildings, clear head a bit   ß   Hurried preparation of materials to discuss with Boss-lady in meeting   ß Friday ß Morning ß Stuff ß Shower. ß Coffee.   ß Other Alarm.   ß Snooze ß First alarm again.   ß Snooze.   ß First alarm.   ß   ZZzznomemorieszZZ.


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