March 9, 2007


Roger Park - Studio City, California

I woke up early and went to a cafe for breakfast. Foggy rolls over Studio City hills. I read the paper and had a big breakfast. When I got to work I learned that they cater breakfast every Friday so I had a second breakfast but with fruta. Working, writing, editing and sitting in meetings all morning. Lunch was spent goofing at the sports store debating whether to get a new baseball glove or a new football (soccer) ball. I left without buying anything. Working, writing, editing and sitting in meetings all afternoon. After the work I saw the sun dip down over the 170 Freeway. I went to the gym and lifted weights for an hour. I got home, showered and grilled a steak and ate it with yam and a spinach salad. I talked on the phone with my new lady friend and made plans for Saturday. I plugged in the pedal steel guitar and turned on the amp and practiced chord blocking, chord inversions and scales for an hour. I took a break and then pracited some more, playing along with Merle, Buck and Willie. My hands, arms, legs and head felt sore. I turned off the amp and covered the pedal steel. I tried to read some Joyce but I was feeling sleepy. I sat on the back patio with a friend and we listened to Monk, Miles, Coltrane and his friend's new symphony. I went to bed early. I felt happy, rested and calm.


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