March 9, 2007


Joanna Choy - New York City

Came to work early for a meeting that got cancelled. My supervisor apologized profusely but half heartedly so I felt like I was tricked.

Got invited to go forro dancing on Sunday. 

Met with COO to talk about my designer resigning in the face of a not so great review.

Had a long lunch at Turkish Kitchen with Arthur who's about to go to China and Japan for three months.

Had a triage meeting with the designer to make sure he doesn't quit. It went pretty well.

Drove out to Flushing in traffic to eat thali at a big Hindu temple with new friends. I could barely eat because lunch was so filling. This is way more than I ever eat in a day.

Picked up Julian in Manhattan to have tea with new friends at Sarge's. He ate a large pastrami corned beef sandwich.

Dropped everyone off then came back to Julian's. I parked on the sidewalk instead of in the lot to save $16. Then I had to pay $185 the next day to get my car from the tow pound.


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