March 9, 2007



So here we are, a new age, just in time for the end of the world as we know it.

Welcome to the first digital edition of March 9. No more paper and ink, no more driving around to deliver it.

For any new readers who haven't received the last 11 annual editions, this is a project put together by one Jack Chang, Californian by birth, Brazilian by residence (for the moment), who has asked friends, family and complete strangers to write, draw, photograph, sing or otherwise create something about their March 9s ever since way back in 1996. People have told me what they've seen and heard, thought and felt, dreamed and forgotten. No, there's no "significance" to the date, in case you were wondering. It's as good a day as any to catch up and wander, together. I estimate some 100 or so people have taken part over the years, and this edition features the most contributors ever. A celebration of randomness, global village, mindless diversion, all that.

I've traditionally compiled the entries into book format, printed them out and distributed the copies around the world. But this is the end of that.

Now, we do it online. I figure I may have saved a fifth of a tree this way.

So I welcome you to March 9, 2007, and send much love.

And as always, Viva March 9!!!


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